School Heads: Are we Truly Investing in Learning?

This is a continuation of my thoughts on schooling and learning in the twenty first century.
Earlier this week, as part of an amazing club whose vision is service above self, I visited several primary schools in one of the remotest part of Nyeri County, some of which we had been supporting. It struck me that, ten years after my active involvement in the healthy learning programme, I still had the same believe that indeed, rural schools are the centres for transformation for the learners, the teachers, the parents, and the wider community. As such, school heads have an incredibleopportunity to position the schools for this transformational learning. I left these schools asking myself, did we learn? Is there something that the school - the learners, the teachers, and the parents - was doing that could be a learning reference for the community?  For this article, I will focus on only two schools – school A and B - to give you an idea of the kind of issues we ought to be learning from one a…

Rethinking ‘This is Africa’s Time’ Narrative

"But what did they really mean when they were saying that Africa was rising? They simply meant that its gross domestic product (GDP), which is the conventional measure of economic growth, had been growing (on average) at a faster rate than in other regions of the world.... But GDP tells us nothing about the health of an economy, let alone its sustainability and the overall impact on human welfare. GDP is simply a measure of market consumption, which has been improperly adopted to assess economic performance." Prof Lorenzo Fioramonti writing for The ConversationIt's time to admit that I am also on this bandwagon of talking about ‘it’s Africa’s time to rise’. But indeed, there are many ways of looking at this narrative and I am interested in the temporal aspect of Africa rising. Perhaps a new way of examining how the African economies will transform is by revisiting how we conceptualise time and hence asking questions on how we create, loose, gain or maximise on the time w…

Tony Elumelu’s Letter to the Next Generation

December 3, 2017 Young African, You are brave, you are resilient. You are savvy, you are entrepreneurial, and unlike the generations that have come before you, you are much hungrier for success. You call your ambition, “your hustle”, and you have several of them because you are tireless and eager to achieve financial independence – no matter how elusive it appears. You are optimistic but you are also anxious. You have seen others toil long and hard for economic security in vain, decades of labour without fruit. Some of your friends may have discussed emigrating with you – legally or illegally, and some may have lost their young lives crossing the Mediterranean in search of a future overseas where their talents are recognized and rewarded. You may even know a few in Libya, unsuspecting victims to the ugly acts of slave trade. A combination of these factors has left you disillusioned and disconnected. You don’t believe in politics. There is no use in getting involved. You have seldom expe…

Nature-based solutions to youth livelihoods and economic prosperity in Africa