Of Healthy living, foods, mushrooms and Carbon Offsetting

1.30PM Its that time of the day when you need to eat and i took some time to focus on my recent eating habits. Even though most of my colleagues and friends have complemented me for having a smooth skin and and better physical body outlook, the fact is that, two weeks ago, the doctor warned me of having lost 3 Kgs in less than four months! Is that normal?
I am not keeping fit, i am not on diet, i was not extremely ill, just a cold, that took me down a few days of the week. Why then loose weight? And still look healthy in the eyes of many?
So i have now prescribed myself to healthy eating, i may gain weight in the next months, and my physical appearance may look even more appealing to my friends, but the truth is that i will be working towards getting back to the recommended weight for my body size!!!
No questions about my weight right now.
How does the prescription look like?
First, i am eating more indigenous vegetables than ever before. I am working in a Healthy Learning Programme,teaching school children and community to eat more healthy foods, but rarely do i drink the water i preach, i have been taking my wine all through and poisoning my own body.
Second, more water. I do take water, but mostly as my countless cups of Kenyan tea in the office. So every evening as i journal and do my reflections, i am taking more water than ever before in my life.
Less sugar. Not sure if this is really going to work. Last month when in Amsterdam, my friend warned me about the sugar levels i was taking. Even though i have not developed any clinical symptoms of lots of sugar in my body, prevention is better than cure, so i am investing more in honey and sugarless tea! I hope i will make it!
More milk. This has not been good for me all  through but at leats i am now trying to have milk in my tea and hence less sugar. As well, im a taking more yorghurt and Maziwa lala. 
More Indigenous whole meal dishes. I cant prepare this in my small heaven, so every weekend i ran to my sister's apartment for a meal of whole meal Ugali, porridge and or Chapati. 
Mushrooms. Not ideal for a workplace, but a colleague had this beautiful idea of bringing us mushrooms! I cant wait to get home and have a meal tonight!
What about my Carbon Footprint? 
Oh yeah! i am a climate change activist. So i will check on all to offset my carbon and emit less. No more refridgerated foods from Uchumi, our hypermarket next door. No more skimmed milk, i can do with the local dairies in my neighborhood, no more processed foods, the Kenyan industries have not been offsetting their carbon. And one more thing: I am starting my own vegetable garden in the backyard!
So its gonna be really  a healthy life now!!!