Why Nigerian Youth Keep my spirit warm

In my five years working with young people across Africa, one country that has always made my heart warm, and new strength to keep on moving, second to Kenya, has been Nigeria.
They are not only actively involved in personal development initiatives, but they also have a keen interest  in the development of their country.
10 days ago, they held in collaboration with the World bank, a forum on Development and the Role of youth. Its an inspiring story that i read from the site:
Keep on my friends from Nigeria!

I salute the strong ladies of Nigeria, just to mention a few:
1. Esther Agbarakwe who has been so inspiring in the founding and growing of the youth movement on climate change in Nigeria.She and others have worked with me in making AYICC what it is today.

 2. My other 'mum' and mentor, Akpezi Ogbuigwe, she stands out extremely as an inspiration, not only to the African women, but also the African youth and environmentalism, education and leadership in Africa. No words can express where she is placed in my personal and professional life. She is a powerful Naija woman of God, and a true PanAfricanist.

2. Amina J. Mohammed, every time she speaks,  I am thrilled. Period. I am yet to meet her in person, but when that time comes, I am sure I will have something new to still learn. She has chosen a path of service, which is so appealing to me, as my journey suggests.

Keep the spirit and lead Africa to sustainability.