Why you still need to believe in YOUTH

Coincidentally, I have for the past few weeks been reading about what younger people (teenagers) have been doing to change the world. I came accross these two videos and a story that really inspired me.

1. Babar Ali: My Best Video on Education and young people: I have been working in the education and environment field, but watching this video has made me think differently of my role in ensuring quality education for all and a clean and safe environment for all. I am humbled that i was able to go to school, but even with all the knowledge and opportunities i may have had, i have not been able to do an outstanding act like Babar Ali. At his young age, with no experience, he saw the need to educate his peers even in the harshest conditions, and the minimal resources available. The teenager wisely used his resources of energy, time and passion to meet the needs of his peers in the society. I salute him.

2. Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids: The second video, also from TED is of Adora Svitak. Listening to her, will just make you value listening to your children and teenagers. It will make you reflect on your parenthood and leadership. You will learn new things from children from now henceforth.

3. The third story I read from a blog of a teenager who had learnt new ways of dealing with the plastic bags horrors. You will be amazed by how many people have read this blog and left comments.
We’ve all heard the plastic bag horror stories—the billions of bags discarded every year that wind up polluting oceans, killing wildlife and getting dumped in landfills where they take up to 1,000 years to decompose. Researchers have been wracking their brains for years to figure out a solution. But leave it to a Canadian high school student to leave them all in the dust. Daniel Burd, an 11th grader at Waterloo Collegiate Institute, has discovered a way to make plastic bags degrade in as little as three months—a finding that won him first prize at the Canada-Wide Science Fair, a $20,000 scholarship, and a chance to revolutionize a major environmental issue......http://tinyurl.com/2u8oxn7 

4. Finally, I am currently reading a book edited by two of my mentors in education for sustainability. ''Young people, education and Sustainable Development'' is the book. It tells the story of the energy and passion of young people and how they have been able to use this in their society to enhance sustainable development. I recommend it for your reading and ACTION.