The beauty of giving - Rotaract Club of Milimani

Last night I was honoured to speak at the Annual Fundraising Dinner of the Rotaract Club of Milimani here in Nairobi. You can view my guest presentation on Slideshare.

The dinner was for a noble cause, the proceeds from this fundraising will go towards installing a biogas plant at the Msamaria Mwema Children’s Home- a home with hundred of destitute children in one of the slums on Nairobi. The Rotaract club of Milimani has dedicated their time and resources for bi monthly visits the home to provide some of the resources badly needed by the children. However, a pressing issue has been the source of energy for cooking; being in a slum set up, means also, they do not have access to firewood, and cannot afford to buy enough cooking gas, or use electricity, or charcoal from the vendors - so they had resulted to cooking in plastics! I was struck by this!

This group of young professionals, has sought a way to give back to the society in the small way they can, it is very similar to the work of the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change. It is also very similar to my growing dream of the Grace Foundation initiative, which I will be launching later in the year (check this blog for updates).

I am humbled by the efforts young people across the world are putting towards ensuring a sustainable world. I wish these best practices could get to be shared across the globe with every young person, to learn and to appreciate the power in giving, and the power in changing the society. That is why I take my time to write to blog, and let the world youth know, that we all, in our own small ways have a role to play in the society.

It is not rocket science to do what we know best, it is just doing it! Get your friends together and organized and just do it!

Posing with some of the Rotaract Members who attended the dinner

Thanks to Rotaract of Milimani for touching the lives in Msamaria Mwema Children’s Home, and thanks for inviting me to share with you this great moment- a moment of always reminding us of our role in the this world-Our service to the society.
The amazing gifts i got from Rotaract after speaking at their dinner.

Finally, I would like to appreciated the gift I received from the club, even though looking for finances, they also dug deep into their accounts, and bought this nice gift for me: and a certificate of appreciation, a painting and an African basket. I will not only hang this certificate in my new house, but it is also a huge reminder of what we are doing to the society as young people, I will carry on with it in my next destination.