The Rose- Love- The Seed in You

Belated Happy 2011!
I have been keepign healthy, but have been away from my blog!
Now i am back, and the years starts off with an extra ordinary post!

Unbelievably, (and fortunately) in this life, we have to love.
Love our families, our careers, our pets, our houses, our cars, our friends, our spouses ....and the list is endless.
For me I think I love my pen, notebook, and all my gadgets. And in one of my gadgets, I found this beautiful song by Don Williams- The Rose. It’s a good lesson for all of us.

It not only reflects what we feel when we love people, but also the fears we have when we cannot commit our hearts to doing something that we really love.
Maybe in our careers, our families, our social movements and the like.
It reminds me of sowing a seed and being patient, maybe something that the young generation have been accused of lacking- patience.
And reflecting on this, I am reminded of motivation,-what motivates our hearts to commit to doing certain things in life.
What drives our passion, and what is it that really value and seek in our lives.
It could be a love song, but it can also be a song to motivate your thinking about who you are, and the role you ought to play in this society- loving and sharing with the society.
It’s all in your heart.
When you love, you sow a seed, and whichever ground it is, there are obstacles to make you not succeed. But what matters most, is the motivation behind your sowing.
It’s all in your heart.
Sow the seed of love in your life- everything you do.