Social Networks Rock my Career World!!!

I have been away from my blogging for a while, not that i have quit social networking, i just had to spend more time on something else. I however, included Twitter livestream on my blog in case you follow me.

Now back to why i am blogging on a saturday afternoon. I have been online for the past three hours for several tasks:
1. I am preparing for a presentation on Social Networks for the UNEP Youth Advisors in the coming week. So have been doing a couple of online justifications of why i use social networks in my youth work!!!!. I am not sure how i can well present this, apart from presenting my own efforts in being a social media junky!!!

So thats the main reason why i am a social media junky! It makes my life easy, fast moving, but most important, i have a one stop shop for news, and things i need on a daily basis:
a) Well organized contact lists separating my professional from my private peeps
b) Entertainment
c) Expanding my networks- you will never have enough friends in your life- each is a resource!!!
d) To share text, images and videos- for me text and photos are top on the list
e) Creating and sharing events
f) Advertizing and marketing products

But i was asked to make a presentaiton to my fellow youth, so of focus i have to assume they dont know anything about Social media, so i got these visual for use during my presentation.
At least i ma using a half of those tools, and it makes it easier to demonstrate how social networking tools can help your career growth.

2. My second task today was to follow the IFAD Governing Council and later on the Feeding Future Generations Discussion, apparently, this is a task i assigned myself as soon as i got online on my Tweetdeck! The tweets were irresistible especially those referring to youth, agriculture and rural development.
For those who have been follwing me, know that in the past one year, this has been a major interest topic in my career. If you want to catch up with teh IFAD Governing Council better get on Twitter  and Follow IFAD, as well check their website for fresh upodates.

3. My third task, of course, as usual, is to make sure i learn something new everyday i am online, and surely i did learn that one can bluedate via bluetooth! I got this from Letstalk

So then, here i am, testing my social networking capability, following the IFAD GC and as well, finalizing my work for the weekend. Will keep you updated.