The Real Life Social Network

Of late, i have had to struggle with how to answer the question of what role does social network play in one's social life.
I have also been challenged a couple of times (both positively and negatively) that probably i could be spending a lot of time on my social networks, especially, Facebook, and Twitter.
However, in the past two years, i have had a great opportunity to consciusly (and unconsciusly) use social networks in my work as a youth champion. I have also been able to use social media to further enrich my career. I have made my social networks, a one stop shop for information desperately needed by almost 50% of my friends on these networks- youth who are looking for opportunities to advance their careers and have fun!
However, if i was called upon to justify why i use Social Media in my day to day activities, i would not have entirely all the justifying reasons.
But after reading the blog by @savvykenya on her use of Twitter, and later on going through this presentation, i just now have a big reason to become a better and advanced social media junky!!
I am just thrilled by how simple this social media stuff can be. I always looked for the right words to express it, but this presentation gives you the best explanation why Social Networks! 
I hope you will also learn and appreciate the Social Network.


  1. Social networks play a role in both our professional and social lives! I forgot to add that I got informed about the Rwanda job through twitter!

    And blogs like this one are a great source of diverse information.

    Savvy Kenya.

  2. @Savvy Kenya, you are a great social networker!!! and you will go places with that....someone should hire you pretty soon!


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