Walking the road....on a journey

I was missing these moments when walking from the office to my house would give me time to relax, reflect and on my progress and refresh my thoughts.
Reason being I had started using the office transport which picks me from my house and drops me at work every day. Its pathetic that I only need 30 minutes to get to my house (the matatu drive is exactly 8 minutes, then walk for 22 minutes to/from the office) yet I opted to use the staff bus.

Working over time yesterday made me realize how much I was gaining by taking this walk back home. I had time to reflect on the day, time to interact and appreciate nature, and more so, time to see the real world. In the staff bus, its all work related ideas that I see on my colleagues' faces.

So now, maybe, I should be working late once a week to allow my mind to be free and wander with nature as the sun sets. It also give me more time to 'be on my journey'. The road seems so long and endless, but so is this journey that we all are in.

I am on a journey....