Happy African Day!

My fellow African youth,
It’s a bright day and a wonderful one to be celebrating the Africans we are!
Personally, it is a great pleasure and honor to be Africa, born and brought up in Africa, and proud to be African. 
More so, I am glad that at my young age, I am able to celebrate this African Day.
It is not a huge celebration, with lots of money to be spent; it is also not a public holiday either.
Nevertheless, from me, here are a few things that I would do today to celebrate Being Africa:
Once saw wall this painting at AU in 2009.
I would sing my national anthem- we all have a national anthem in our country and we pledge our loyalties to our counties- even before we can pledge to the continent. This is a very powerful tool to show our patriotism.
I would set a target for a small change I would like to see in my country and in my continent in the next one year, if its something to do with your career with waste management in your neighborhood, with farming practices in the community where you; live, water issues, electricity supply in your town, or even a change you want to see in the office where you work. If you don’t do that small change, that you feel need to be done, then no one will ever do it, and you will live with that problem for ever. So make a promise to Africa to do that small thing to help Africa.
We are the young population of Africa, we are the majority of the African population, and this shall be so in the next 2 decades to come. As such, we need to be concerned with the production and consumption lifestyles.
All our countries are struggling to develop, but more so, they are doing so, to try and meet the demands of the growing population- we are the highest population driving this demand. We are the highest population that in the next 3 decades will still be driving the demand for resources.
However, we are over 50% of the continent’s workforce. That means that we have the capacity to as well contribute to meeting this demand that we are generating. We have the opportunity, the energy and time to actively engage in the development of this continent.
I am not an expert in development, but i know when i talk about development to my fellow youth, I always like referring to sustainable development- looking at the economic, social, environmental political and the interconnectedness of all these. We as young people need to be at the centre of this kind of development in this continent.

Yes we can make it, and that’s why we celebrate the African Day!!!


  1. and ... 2012 is the UN International Year for People of African Descent. More http://www.un.org/en/events/iypad2011


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