Youth for Agricultural Revolution in Africa

Seize the opportunity, unlock this potential!!!
I wake up this morning with a urge to reorganize all my work and set new targets for the remaining work in the next two months. For all of this year, i have been working on a very interesting topic of Youth & Agriculture (YA) here at the World Agroforestry Center. I have been dividing up my time to document the success stories that have been achieved through the Healthy Learning Programme; Developing an Evergreen Agriculture Youth Programme and providing extensive advice to the ICRAF scientists on the issues of Youth and Agriculture and how they can work with such programmes.
A cold morning can be made warmer by reading interesting speeches and notes from IFAD & AGRA on their interest to support Youth & Agriculture, and this one speech by Namanga Ngongi just made my day!

This week, African leaders and heads of state are gathering in Equatorial Guinea’s capital, Malabo, to discuss the state of affairs in Africa and the role of young people and their contribution to long-term development in Africa. Given the youthful face driving the so-called “Arab Spring,” the focus on young people at the annual summit of Africa’s leaders is both timely and fitting. There are more young people in Africa than ever before—over two-thirds of Africa’s one billion people are under the age of 30. Despite increased migration to the cities, most of Africa’s young people still live in rural areas. And most of them, whether rural or urban, are unemployed. To build a continent where people can work and live with a degree of prosperity, we must invest more resources in the land -- and in the young who live there. Together, these are Africa’s greatest assets....Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa