Of Environmentalists....are we just yuppies?

I am just about to finish reading this book: Conversations with God II which has had a great impact in my life these two months. I can't help but pick up a few points here, which i feel they will always be in my mind for years to come.
Is the environment being destroyed (being the question to his conversation: Yes, ...Well for instance, there is rapidly developing a soil shortage on your planet. That is, you are running out of good soil in which you grow you food. This is because soil needs time to reconstitute itself, and your corporate farmers have no time. They want land that is producing, producing, producing. So the old-age practise of alternating growing fields from season to seasons being abandoned and shortened. To make up for the loss of time, chemicals are being dumped into the land in order to render it fertile faster. Yet in this, as with all other things, you cannot develop an artificial substitute for Mother Nature which comes even clue to providing what She provides.

The result is that you are eroding down to a few inches really, in some places, the available nutritive topsoil reserve. In other words, you are growing more and more food in soils which has less and less nutritional content. No irons. No minerals. Nothing which you can count on the soil to provide. Worse yet, you are eating food filled with chemicals which have been poured into the soil in a desperate attempt to reconstitute it. While causing no apparent damage to the body in the short term, you will discover to your sadness that in the long run that these trace chemicals that remain in the body are not health producing.

This problem of soil erosion through rapid growing filed turnover is not something of which most of your people may be aware, nor is the dwindling growable soil reserve a fantasy made up by yuppie environmentalists looking for their next fashionable cause. Ask any earth scientist and you will hear plenty. It is a problem of epidemic proportions; it is worldwide; and it is serious. This is just one example of the many ways you are damaging and depleting your Mother, the Earth, the giver of all life, out of a complete disregard for her needs and natural processes.

You are concerned about little on your planet except the satisfying of your own passions, the meeting of your own immediate (and mostly bloated) needs, and quenching the endless human desire of Bigger, Better, More. Yet you might do well as a species to ask, when is enough enough?