Michelle deserves to live!!!!

Maybe i have been a bad blogger lately, and maybe also posting what everyone would not have expected. But i am human, i have feelings, and for this reason, every time, a friend makes such a request as the one in this blog, i got to help, and i got to get others like you who read my blog to help where you can.
I am also inspired by the passion and the spirit of giving i saw in Kenyans during the #kenyansforkenya campaign. Personally, i found myself watching the numbers rise by the day with tears of joy,  since then, i have found myself resonating with all courses that are indeed in the spirit of helping our bothers and sisters. I hope this message from my friend Diana will touch you support in whichever way you can.  Let's give lady Michelle a chance to live this week!

Maybe from my status updates, you have seen me posting that my niece, Michelle (my late sister’s daughter) has been unwell for a while now. She was admitted at Coptic Hospital on the 15th of Oct and has been there since. Her bone marrow is not producing enough red blood cells, so she needs blood transfusion every day. To make matters worse, she's been hemorrhaging incessantly, so the blood going in is simply coming out. There are some drugs which the doctors say she can take for the next 3-6months to help boost her bone marrow...worth Ksh 10,000 a week. She might therefore need to remain in hospital for these next 3 – 6 months as she receives the treatment and the blood transfusion. As you can see, these drugs are really expensive and do not even include the hospital bills. Our estimate comes to about Ksh 1 million in total. In light of that, we shall be holding a fundraising on the 18th of Dec.  That’s why I am approaching you to see how you can help me. It doesn’t have to be much. Whatever you have, can go a long away. Do you think you can help? Please email me on  diana_njoki@yahoo.co.uk  God bless you!


  1. I am so sorry for your niece's problem. The best way I thought I could help is health information. First of all there is NO artificially-made drug that can help our bone marrow, that's why the transfusions are not helping. Anaemia is caused by lack of iron/vitamin B12/folate in the diet, that's all.

    This is treatable by using fresh vegetable juices like wheat grass juice and others. read more http://www.naturalhealthcure.org/therapies/wheat-grass-juice-therapy-health-benefits-and-healing-properties.html

    You will find very learned professional doctors advocating for natural solutions to our health problems. I will get you a number of such a doctor who has helped people fight disease using natural ways, mostly vegetable juice.

    I hope and pray Michelle will be well, God Bless

  2. A second opinion never hurts...

    0722867324 - Good Health is the name

  3. Rest in peace Michelle, we loved you, we tried our best, but God loved you more.

  4. thanks @Kahonge for your advice. We lost Michelle, but your information will help others with such problems. I wil blog about it as well.


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