Building a Movement of Knowledge Beyond Ideas

This piece has been inspired by the memories of Molly's friendship, and watching this TED video again and again.
I have been away from my social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and my very own Blog for weeks and weeks. Its not fair, i do feel it, that i have abandoned a community and a network of people whom otherwise i would not communicate with.

But i have been up to something good in my getaway. It is that time of your journey, that you feel you need to search more for the knowledge beyond ideas, and not only search for the knowledge, but also build a movement of this knowledge.

This is exactly what has been happening in my life in the past four months. I have been gathering knowledge about all the ideas, dreams and visions i have had in my life. I have been questioning why i do what i do, what it means now, and in the future. I have been trying to understand why certain dreams look so true than others, and what i got to do with these dreams. In short, i have been working on acquiring knowledge beyond my ideas of a future in this journey.

Being back to school, after 3 years of working with young people from the grassroots to the international level, now as a graduate student, is no longer the same feeling. I have to learn to be a student again, i am not just a student of Nature, Society and Environmental Policy at Oxford, but i have to make sense of what i learn everyday from this institution. I have to build a movement of knowledge beyond the ideas i have always heard.

As usual, being on a journey, means that none of the steps is never complete, so i will just give you a hint of what kind of a movement of knowledge i am currently building:

  1. The movement of knowledge will be based on the Geography of Generation Y- this is the generation i have been born into, and its almost moving to another phase to give chance to another 'undefined' generation
  2. I am building a movement of knowledge which will be based on governance from a state level to a global level and multi-level even!  This will be focusing on the Generation Y in point 1.
  3. The movement of knowledge will focus primarily on what has been done, to identify the gaps that need bridging in Generation Y and through 'identified' governance models
  4. My themes in the movement of knowledge will be building on my life long ideas and dreams of young people, environment, development and policy
  5. Just like the movements i have led i the past, this particular movement of knowledge has to grow, and advance in a way that reflects the times and space opportune for it. The movement has to devise a way of moving and effecting change- because that is what movements ought to do - CHANGE.
This is not complex, its just a part of the thought that i had at a particular time in this journey, and i will build upon it in the coming weeks!


  1. Welcome back. And share more with us readers about your journeys :-)


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