Been on this journey together?

I travelled for 28 days away from Oxford my new residence as a student, and as I allowed myself to reflect 6 days after, I just could not help to come back to my living theme….I am on a journey. And my question to you is….Have you been on this journey with me?
While in Ghana with Laura Pereira (Photo credit: Future Agricultures Consortium)
I don’t travel because I have the means to, I do so because I have a passion for a vision, and I have learnt to actualize my vision to realities, and some of them have come to be through travelling. As I sat in Ghana for a 3 day conference on young people, food and farming, never before had I encountered a dialogue where the subject of ‘young people’ is given this much thought and attention. Not only did I encounter current research challenges in the field of young people, especially in Africa, but also this affirmed my determination proceed my research work on ‘youth geographies in Africa’ this Autumn. I am always on a journey, and I am glad I made new friends, contacts and my network is growing, this is a great achievement of Ghana for me.
The first time i even drew and painted something!
After, I spent 18 incredible days at the Youth Encounter on Sustainability course at Hosei University Tokyo Japan. I always thought I knew something about sustainability but not before I went through this training. Everyday was a unique learning experience, from Social systems, to natural systems, to economic systems, to political systems, to art and creativity…. can’t list them all! I found myself asking questions like, am I a capitalist? What is the problem? ( I am glad that I can now confidently use the Barbara Minto Principle to solve problems!), What is my role in the complexity of systems and where are we heading beyond growth? My fundamental lesson from this course, was to reaffirm that the role of universities and political systems in the sustainability dialogue needed more attention and thus a new thread to my research work has been added.
In 28 days out of my ‘comfort zone’, the question comes once and again in your lifetime, when you not only hear others asking you if you are on your comfort zone, but when they truly challenge you to get out of that comfort zone. I was challenged that I should stop belittle myself and get out of my comfort zone, get my hands dirty and do something worth my passion and my youthful life. You got an identity to shape, and you got the opportunity to do so, you got the power as knowledge is being produced all around you, and all you need now is to rise up and get acting now! 
Outcome of my YES participation: Founders of Makoto Foundation
I feel motivated when I write these words because they speak to me more that they probably will speak to any one else. I realized that the reason I blog this  is not because I want to tell my audience that these thoughts in my mind are challenging me and it would be awesome if you would join me in the challenge. Its never too late, and it never turns out to be a paradise, but somehow we get to continue with this journey together. Therefore get your running shoes and join me on this journey….leave that comfort zone!!!

I am scheduled to take action on ‘leaving the comfort zone’ this summer and I will be blogging about it as it happens. A blurb about what it entails….I will answer the question…Am I a capitalist?


  1. that is so true; I believe that being a young person is one of the best things that people should utilize.

  2. Great article and insight, I feel like am there with you. Good work Grace, keep it up, will look forward to the blurb :)

    1. This is very inspirational Grace, lets keep working and motivating each other. Nice article. This is a super, keep up the good work.

    2. Thanks for your comments, i am humbled, that someone already thinks i am capitalist and i should disclose this very soon! It will be my next piece of writing. Each one of you is encouraging


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