It's your LOVE!

It's the eve of my 26th birthday.
I won't wait for birthday wishes, instead, I take time  to reflect on these years of life.
To my family, nuclear and extended, you have known me for the 26 years I have been living. You have moulded me into who I am today.
My neighbours whom I have grown up with, playing together, walking on the same paths, using the same road transport in Kieni. I have lost some of my dear neighbours in these 26 years of my life.
My primary schoolmates, probably since we were in Std. 1 in Muthu-ini primary school. Walking through the forest, crossing the two rivers, surviving cold lunches, and learning to get to school on time despite the distance.
My High schoolmates and friends in Kilungu, probably since we met at Kilungu High School, shared the same classes, dormitory, or played games together. Probably we went to the river together during these days. We probably met through my brother Stano, or maybe its my brother Mwaura who taught you Agriculture, Biology or Hockey.
My university mates, at Kenyatta University. We probably shared classes in the Environmental Studies department. We probably went to the same events in KUNEC and other clubs. We probably went to KUCU together, and even most importantly, we probably served together in the Journey K.U. We started this journey together- We Believed, the Belonged, and We Became one Family that I dearly cherish. We went through the various strikes at the university, but all the same we have graduated and moved on with life, and we are proud.
And for all of my friends whom I have met since I started living away from home. I cannot attempt to mention where I have met each one of you- the numerous youth movements, KUNEC, IVEN and AYICC being a highlight, the camping, the volunteer organizations like Nature Kenya, churches like Parklands Baptist Church, Nairobi life, work environments like IUCN, VVOB and ICRAF, and more recently, my new friends in Oxford. I can't forget my endless list of international friends, whom I have interacted with in all kinds of settings!
And specially to all of you, who have been my teachers, my lecturers, my trainers, my bosses, my mentors, my advisors...the list is endless, and we all met in different places.

This is to all of you, on my 26th birthday:
It's love that I have experienced from knowing each one of you. What will keep me going beyond this birthday, is the strength I get from the love each one of you shares with me.
It's the love that keeps me going, and that I want to share with others as long as I live.
Knowing you, in the past, present, and in the future, is what keeps me going. Knowing is loving, and loving in knowing.
Everything revolves around love. 
And this is what I share on my 26th birthday.
I will run to that LOVE- so you can MAKE me WHOLE.
It's your LOVE!


  1. So cool Grace, and its true love. Keep the faith and the love up.Happy Birthday gal.

  2. You truly are an inspiration!i'll be a fourth year Environmental Science student this coming September at K.U....this was not my ideal career path...but i love it and can't imagine doing anything else...reading through your blog has made me more open minded and given me more focus in my studies and what direction i would like to proceed with in the future...God bless you n have a happy birthday!

    1. @ Tess, i am really encouraged to read your comment, keep the fire burning and enjoy every opportunity (good or bad) that the university presents to you. It's all worth it. I will be coming to KU soon to collect data for my research work, so keep in touch, i would like to meet you as well. I stil love KU and the department of environmental sciences.

    2. Yes miss!would love to meet you!will definitely keep in blessed:-))


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