''Youth, Skills & Work'' on EFA Global Monitoring Report Blog

I recently blogged for the UNESCO Education For All Global Monitoring report, on the topic of Youth, Skills and Work. Here is the introduction, you can read the full blog on: http://tinyurl.com/bt2gkfp 

At a conference on young people, farming and food in Africa, I was glad to discuss with leading researchers and practitioners in the field of young people and agriculture in Africa, the subject of education and training as a priority for the agrifood-youth nexus. Thinking of Youth, Skills and Work, I have no better words to explain why I stress contextualized education and training, than to refer to my conversations and paper[i] at the conference and a recently published blog by the New Agriculturalist and few blogs i have previously written.
For the purpose of this blog, I will however focus on the overall workforce in Africa: demographic dividend[ii]and not only the agrifood sector. I challenge the emerging notion that agrifood sector in Africa presents major opportunities to solve the pre-conceived and framed youth challenge of unemployment. Indeed, as I will show through education and training, the biggest challenge is in the structures of the preparing the workforce for whatever socio-economic sector........http://tinyurl.com/bt2gkfp  
3 in 1 learning process (The missing diagram on the original blog )