Chapter 11: Conversations with my Mum

Just from one of those many conversations we have

These have been the most exciting moments of my life here in Oxford- calling my mum. I can confidently say that, of all the conversations I have had in my life so far, there are conversations with my mum that have had the most significance in my life. She is the woman who has, besides being my mother, really taught me the essence of life, the virtue of service to mankind. Every word she utters, every act and every thought she shares with me- it has always been towards people. People, people people. They have been her life, her waking up and her sleeping. I just had a one hour conversation with her today, and she went over and over again telling me of the people in her life at the moment. Three ‘sons’ living with mum at the moment; an aunt who needs a farm to live in, and a family to belong to;  ‘daughters' who need a mother, a mentor, and resources to continue with their schooling; neighbours and relatives who need her help; the list was endless tonight. I felt like crying- I did. She has one big heart that no other person I have met in my life has. I am humbled that she is my mother. We went on with this conversation and she told me why she does it- she will not do this if she was dead, as long as she lives, she is going to serve anyone whom she comes across! 
I am daily challenged by her lifestyle. I thought I was the last born, and so mum should now be resting and enjoying her old age. Contrary, u since I left home 9 years ago, my mum has become younger every other day. She has more and more people to take care of. She is travelling more and more to meet with people who need her.
Not only does she give even what she does not have, she never plans and budgets for her service. She has continually allowed her lifestyle to be a giving and serving lifestyle. I have no better words to explain how she does it. You just need to sit down with her one day and you will get to know what it really means to be a servant. She has nothing- if you visit her, but her list of people who need her is endless! 
Having a mother like my mum is one blessing that I cannot need any more, and it’s a daily challenge for me, thinking everyday, or how my mother expects us (her children) to live when we are out here in the world. Do we live up to what she has taught us? Are we in a position to serve the  community as she has taught us. How many people do we share our ‘small anythings’ with? I was humbled when she reminded me of the early days, when i was still in primary school, when I would walk to the Chief’s camp to get food aid for the family. They were the most agonizing days of my life living in poverty (my mum has never allowed us to say or even believe that we are poor, or are living in poverty!). But even in those days, I still remember my mum serving meals to strangers passing by home, sharing the very little that was remaining in the house. We still left our kitchen open with some meals for anyone who may be passing by and maybe hungry (One day i will write about my mum's open kitchen). I don’t remember any one time sleeping hungry, we always had a meal. It was not the meal that everyone else would look forward to, but I did enjoy every single meal that our family shared. If you want to know more about the kind of meals that our family had in the earlier days, this facebook comment from by older brother HK is the best explanation that I can offer for where we have come from.
The early day's of the Mwaura's, we love them.

Now my mum grows more than she needs. We are no longer living at home, but every single days she is early in her farm and leaving late in the evening. All she grows goes to friends, family and church gifts. Yes, she just farms every day of her life to give! She now has tapped water (one day i will write about water at home!) in her farm which we didn’t have when we were growing up. Whatever proceeds she makes from her farm goes to her travelling to see friends and family- people who need her help, people who need to be clothed, who need visitation. This is her lifestyle.

This is the challenge I live up to everyday of my life. And I am glad that I live up to such a challenge.
Being in Oxford, and being an academic, is even more challenging how I can apply these values that my mum has daily taught me. I have a career that I am currently moulding, and every single day, I am torn between how much I should give, and how much I should charge people for the services I offer. I am simply not used to charging people for offering services- because this is not what I was taught! But this is a critical moment to make important decisions on how I want my future to look like as a career woman, who hold very strong values about service. 

How far and with what comfort should this go…it’s still part of my journey…I am on a journey.

I announced in my earlier posts that i am writing a book, so this is an extract from Chapter 11 of that draft manuscript that  i am working on!


  1. You are truly blessed to have grown up with and learnt your mother 's values. Even Jesus emphasized service.
    Well written!


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