Education for Sustainable Development- Revisited

Some things never go unmentioned, especially if they happened at those unusual times, a few days just before i sat my Oxford exams, and as well a  few days before the whole international community headed South for the Rio +20 Conference.
On the 5th of June, 2012, The World Environment Day, I joined young people in London in celebrating the London+20 event, as part of the My City+20 events organized in the lead-up to Rio +20 conference on sustainable development. This invitation was extended by a close colleague, Jean Paul Brice Affana, Founder Coordinator, Vital Actions for Sustainable Development [AVD], and whom i have worked very closely with at the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC)
The London +20 theme revolved around the forthcoming Rio + 20 and what young people could gain from such international processes. Among the agenda addressed by my colleagues included an overview on the Rio +20 negotiations; how youth can support the proposal for a Law of Ecocide and its implications for sustainability; The contribution of My City+20 to the Rio+20 process; Green jobs for youth; Global governance for sustainable development; Sustainable Cities; and finally Education for Sustainable. You can read the full report of the workshop here
Happy me, i was facilitating the working group on education for sustainable development, where as previously mentioned in my blogs, I emphasised some of the issues that matter in 21st Education:
  • The space
  • The structure
  • The Resources
  • The Audience
  • The values

I started off by illustrating some issues through a short presentation. Besides highlighting some of the obstacles that young people face, we had an amazing session sharing on the good practices happening around the world. The discussion looked back at the people left out of education, marginalised to say, and how we would bring them into this system. This would require us to reconceptualize the idea of space where education is acquired and the structure in which education is delivered.
I was encouraged by the confidence in the young participants in my working group that there was indeed opportunities in making this possible, given the audience and resources, there is enough workforce to make the changes necessary and steer change. Successes were shared including what my good friend from my undergraduate days has recently initiated, Briteskills, which will see every person becoming a student and a teacher at the same time.  Again (and this is now getting into my nerves), mentoring was highlighted as one of the critical changes needed to happen besides networking the generation receiving education. 
You can read the full report of the workshop organizers at Rio +20 here.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, dear Grace ! It was a pleasure to have you at the event :-)

  2. 21st Century education needs to look into:-

    The space
    The structure
    The Resources
    The Audience
    The value

    Would love to explore the concepts of your thoughts around this Grace. Great blog...

    1. Davida, i would really love to share more thoughts about this with you, we can collabo quite well. Greetings.


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