Jeju in Photos

I am attending the 5th World Conservation Congress in Jeju Island, South Korea. Since the beauty of South Korea, and the intensity of the 'place' is probably indescribable, i choose to start with photos of the past two days.
Yesterday, at the 79th Council Meeting in Tamna Hall, ICC Jeju. In orange is the most amazing woman in the world, the IUCN DG, next to her the President. This was my last meeting as a member of the 2008-2012 Council Member.
This morning, at the CEC meeting, where the CEC Chair, Keith Wheeler surprised our lovely secretariat staff Cecilia Nizzola by awarding her the CEC Chair's Award. They are two wonderful people not to miss in IUCN-CEC
It was a honor to award the CEC Chair Youth Award to Dr. Vedharajan Balaji, a young member of CEC, for his exemplary work in marine conservation and awareness in South India. It's my hope that the next Chair will retain this award the coming years. I was honored to design this award with Dominic Stucker
After running out of the CEC meeting, i was in the Motions/Resolutions Working Group of the Congress. I never took a photo there (of course this could not have happened), but the blank photo presents my future and the be continued this week!

Then came the Official Opening Ceremony of the Congress this afternoon. Sitting on the second row, i was able to capture this beautifully. 
I had the chance to listen to  Mr Lee Myung-Bak, the President of South Korea, speaking at the opening ceremony. I was impressed by his over 20 minute speech with no notes and no stammering. The interpreters were also awesome!
We then had to walk for 30 minutes for the Welcome reception at the Botanical gardens, and the only photo i took on the way there, was this 'loving hut'. Will discover what this is all about in the coming days.

In the meantime, follow #IUCN2012 to know what is happening in Jeju.