Research Dilemma 5- Key Informants

Its mid- December, Christmas holidays are here with us, and most of the people have started taking leave. However, I am still down at the National Museums of Kenya library. This has been my home library for the past three months when I have been doing research. The lawn mower outside makes enough noise to keep me concentrated to the task for the day: planning for key informant interviews and writing my preliminary findings.
Why do I need to do this? Along the way, as I listened to my interviews and discussions, I looked back at the research questions and I am wondering if I am really have the right kind of data. This has driven me to put together some preliminary findings that will enable me realize what kind of new data I should be collecting and from whom. One such gap has been the key informants.
Of the questions, one needs me to interact with the government officials and this has been my task these past two weeks- trying to book the appointments and preparing accordingly for such interviews. I have succeeded in some, while others are still dreams yet to come true.
I am down here, making calls and wishing that in the midst of the noise outside and the dead silence of this museum library, I will get a breakthrough in meeting government officials!  The research dilemma in this case will be- have they all gone on leave? How many are willing to take the time to meet with me? What a dilemma!