Kenya Elections 2013: President, People, Future

I have for long avoided making any political posts or comments on my blog (i am not saying that i am not political), but this week has also been a remarkable one in the history of Kenya.  We had elections on 4th March, Kenyans voted, went home peacefully for a week, and waited for the long process of tallying, due to a failure of the IEBC electronic system.
Being in diaspora, i did not vote, i watched TV, followed #KOT , #KenyaDecides and #DefiningMoments2013. In short, i was glued to my laptop most of this week- i almost fell in love with the political scientists frequent on the NTV Studio! It made me think, i may want to become one when i grow up---well i am still on a journey after all!
Finally, this evening, the 4th President-elect was announced- Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta- and he delivered one moving speech. There is one  reason i will post his speech here: As someone who asks many questions about politics and if its really my right to vote, especially when a vote not cast,is a vote not counted, i made several observations from the new president's speech, which  i summarize in one word that is dear to me #PEOPLE.

I found myself listening to every word of his speech, and i wondered if this is what we shall get, if need your vote is your right, then the Kenyans got it right. And if they don't get it, as promised in this speech- the hope- then something is wrong somewhere. Someone must be doing the wrong thing somewhere. It was a very people- centered futuristic speech. He was because of the people of Kenya (the speech says it all).
Back to the #PEOPLE in this speech, i heard him go over and over again several categories of people: God, Kenyan citizens, Kenyan Media, Kenya Security Officers, IEBC staff, Presidential Candidates (Singled out his first opponent), his family, His coalition partners, and his campaign team.  
The new president was keen on terms like patience, professionalism, trust, diligence, peace, modesty in our actions, Kenya coming of age, sovereignty. I must say he is  seasoned  eloquent public speaker. Some said on Twitter he is the new Kenyan Obama. 

Well, as a Kenyan,  i was requested to go back to work, and have hope, contribute to nation building and continue making Africa a shining star, i will do exactly that! 
Congratulations to all Kenyans for keeping peace, and showing the whole world what an incredible nation we are, i am so proudly Kenyan!


  1. I can feel your love for UK. Methinks WSR is more astute, and given time and resources, he has the skills to supplant UK. Whats your two cents?

    1. Patrick, my views should not be interpreted to mean i love UK, or i think one party is better than the other . All i tried to do is to evaluate the first speech of the man who is going to be the president of Kenya for the next five years.I have lived through three presidents,and all political turmoils in Kenya during this period. This has made me become very sensitive to in making any quick decisions on any politicians- regardless of how astute, wellspoken, experienced or famous they may be. I am just like any other Kenyan who have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of Kenyan politics and i trust too little of all politicians now. I am waiting for the right time for the right political leadership in Kenya. When that time comes i willl give my two cents....we are far from there, very far.


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