Research Dilemma 8- Writing Crisis and Reading Mobile

Writing Crisis?
Now this is the dilemma, that i am done with the awful transcribing experience, i have come around my data sorting and coding, and i am in a writing mode. To be frank, i have written more than i have coded my data in the past three weeks! I am frankly not in love with spelling and grammar checks (Don't be fooled; you must do this, and it also helps you internalize your data better for future coding and sorting exercises).

The dilemma is, what have i written? Am i ready to submit that one chapter to my supervisor in a weeks time? Wow! What a race it has been, but let's see what the three weeks have given me.

  1. Learning more on how to make NVIVO work for you (Claps). I recommend the online Sage Qualitative Research Methods, they have very good chapters on how to use NVIVO. I bet if you are going this way you definitely hve a lot of time to learn this and you are in a data deluge, like i am. 
  2. Feeling confident that my methodology procedures are indeed on 'Grounded Theory'. So let me just make you know that i have been reading a lot of Glaser and Strauss (1967) this past week, and other authors who have critiqued or used their methodology in their research. This has been the best consolation for a newbie in social sciences research methods
  3. I am for once going to tell you what else i read to further develop my research arguments: Wyn & White (1997) Rethinking Youth. It's an absolutely fascinating book for al those in the field of youth studies, covers the concept of youth, youth cultures (and subculture theory), youth transition, youth and education and youth futures. You will love the book if you are a post- structural scholar. 
Reading Mobile
But, i just didn't write my thesis, i have this elective class on technological frontiers, and i have been researching on the mobile revolution in Africa. Now you need to know sometimes, i do have opinions of some papers written, and one such, which i will send a review on is:
Pádraig Carmody, A Knowledge Economy or an Information Society in Africa: Thintegration and the Mobile Phone Revolution, Information Technology and Development, 19, (1), 2013, p24-39  
This is a particular piece that grilled me to the core, and i will be evaluating it in my next essay. I am reading more of Carmody, and i hope i will not get more frustrated with his line of thinking! That's not a dilemma though.