Research Dilemma 9: Writing

I really want to submit this chapter this coming weekend. Well, i should have submitted end of last week. Don't worry, there is always time to write a blog, even when the deadline is round the corner, its a confidence booster! 
The colors below indicate just how much i have done for each of the sub-sections in that chapter, and the lack of Green means i can't yet submit! Don't worry about the many sub-sub-sub headings, it also means how little writing has actually been done to reduce them to paragraphs!
Nevertheless, it is taking shape! Who said a Master of Philosophy is hard anyway? Can you imagine waking up everyday and thinking of what to read and write, and actually doing it! I think i am having a blast reflecting on what i should be reading and writing, but definitely, i am not having a blast doing that very act!
A section of my notebook 4 days ago, says it all about the writing advice i have been giving myself.

It reminds me of those classes i had an year ago in my Research Methods classes: Thinking through Writing. Not only is it a back and forth process, it can also be very confusing. That's why i keep a journal of all my daily research actions, whether they make sense or not. The above shows how frantic i was then- sorry i am past that. I am not in the in the mood below. I am thinking through my research every time. Oh! Several times have i dreamed with my writing, and how i should structure a certain section of my thesis.  Only now i need to make it real- WRITE!
My favorite Research Reading list is inspired by this book

Finally, i make the following recommendations for those frantic about writing:
1. When the writing bug comes, write like you will never write again, i may as well finish this chapter in the next two hours!
2. Don't force your mind to write, shift attention from writing, if the brain is empty, look at your data again, and reflect on it. Refresh your brain about the thesis outline, and soon new writing ideas will pop!


  1. Best wishes, have fun. Reading this made me crave my days of study; which I loved.

  2. @Untonyto, Better get back to it! I realized the most relaxing thing, is now, reading as much as you can, and trying to write down as much as you can.....Don't overdo either...


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