Research Dilemma 10: Still Writing... it's a journey

Why take so long?
Well, that's the dilemma.It's something between having so much adrenalin in the past three weeks; being too anxious to get the work done in April; but also being ill for over a month and resulting to knitting beautiful place-mats (as the ones below) to kill the agony of not writing!
Copyright: In her shoes
But i am back, writing may not be the dilemma at moment, making sense of my writing is the urgency in my brain. I sleep wake, eat, walk, laugh, reflect, etc, thinking about how to make sense of each single sentence i write. 
I am one month late to my intended deadline, but i am still on track (well, read that as a way of boosting my morale). I should be done in a few weeks (or 6 weeks to be precise) and i will unleash what else has happened when my writing was neither here, nor in my thesis.

But, writing is fun, it burns my anxiety on this journey!!!