Research Dilemma 11: Anxiety

Today is exactly one month to submission day! And i am in the anxiety sick room.
This is the worst of all, if not the best to probably have at this time of your writing- when you are waiting for your supervisor to give you comments on your first draft.
You know you have made that final leap, yet you are gripped with this uncertainty and anxiety of what will be the outcome. You worry so much about the comments you expect, and if you will have the energy to work on the in the next one month.

I can choose not to worry about the present and the next one month. What if i choose to make plans for the next month after. For the next two years of being  a research student. If it does not give me any anxiety, then it means i am self-inducing pain to myself!

I will keep on counting, recounting, and countering the check and balances that need to be in place before the two 2nds come to be....the first will be the end of a two year journey reading for my degree and conducting this beautiful research, and the second will the start of yet another two year journey. The challenge for the coming two years is something like- between a rock and a hard place.
Life can never be like this before, can it?