Research Dilemma 12: The results!

The research is done! The only problem is submission and dissemination of the results! The latter is much more easier for me tonight. I share a few lines that summarize the university students' attitudes in my research.

‘The university students’
We are,
Yes we are.
And we cannot be anything else
Because we are
We are radical.
We can change
We change ourselves
We can change others.
We can inspire you to change
We love – ourselves, our community, our country, and our planet earth.
We believe in the past, the present, and the future
We believe in our responsibility to keep telling a beautiful story of this generation in these times and spaces of our lives, and those of generations to come.
We are
We are university students.

I will soon share summaries, albeit, customized, of the full research and next steps.