...Is wondering...on a journey

On a journey …Is wondering… What is my full time occupation.
Reading? Oh yes! I read emails, news, books, my bible, signs (especially in the UK), journal articles. I also read tweets.
Writing? Oh yes! Emails especially, paper summaries a lot, book reviews rarely, love letters usually, procrastination notes-not frequent any more, just anything-yes.
Procrastinate? No! This is not supposed to happen. I am now a doctoral student, I should be more mature with my time management, and anyway, there are so many other things to do when I cannot do one of the other many!
Cooking? Yes! A lot! I bake, I bake, I make cuppa tea, I boil rice, I toast my bread, I fry my veggies, I eat all of them!
Walking? That one is absolutely right. I walk in my house, to the shops, for a date, to the parks, and in the bathroom, and on the tram, and my underground library link in Oxford. I walk. Everywhere. And I like it.

… And if I stopped wondering, where will I stop? And hopefully sleep. A lot. Enough. And dream. To be … on a journey.