Got two new skills; please hire me!

Interviewer: You got a very interesting career GM. Would you like to tell us what else you would do if you were to leave this career path? 
GM: Well, If I was not doing what I have been doing for the last couple of years, I would probably be baby sitting (not my own!) and knitting. 

Does that sound familiar to most people my age? Of course not! It is exaggerated. But it's not. I just realized how much I enjoy and are skilled in baby sitting and knitting.

Baby sitting my three nieces and five nephews for the last eleven years, baby sitting myself for the last twenty something years, and even baby sitting my own career.I feel terribly sorry for my DPhil which I am currently baby sitting, and I wonder when we shall get to the weaning phase - because it will want me to take a break. My experience in babysitting is so solid, that I am considering adding this to my CV- I am sure employers will marvel at my experience and the lessons I have learnt from baby sitting since 2003.

The same applies to my other newly acquired skills- knitting. It's one of those skills that mother faithfully passed to her last born daughter. Not that she wanted her to start a designer knitwear line, she only wanted to keep her busy, and give her a sense of of what it feels to accomplish a project- like knitting a pencil pouch. This, I should have forgotten soon after teenage years, but several months ago, I found myself knitting again. Then I had no other choice: I was unwell and I needed to occupy my mind with some activity that could leave me with an air of accomplishment - and knitting was the thing of the moment.

But since then, I have found myself knitting for various reasons. I am knitting because Nduba fell in love with my knitting. What a lovely gift that boy will receive from his only loving Auntie. I am knitting because it is such a relaxing activity, after long days of study (read attempts to study)all I want is a therapeutic activity that I can knit all the beautiful ideas I have been encountering in my readings the whole day. I knit the threads, I knit the ideas, I knit the tired thoughts, and I knit the nostalgia. I am happy of my new skills - I have evidence for each of them if I was to be asked in an interview.

But I wonder, who will believe that I do possess these skills, unless they hire me!