RQ Series: Indulgence

It takes effort to come up with one word that fully describes how that week was for a researcher (well, let's agree that this has all to do with research, regardless of how much time I spent doing research).


Indulging, I came to know is not obsession. It's not a habit, which becomes a disease. It's a fascination.
And that's exactly what I did.
I am so fascinated by my research field that I have been indulging most week into planning and thinking through planning.
I have been indulging in mind-blowing conversations with young people who will potentially contribute to my research.
I have been indulging in literatures on my research field.
I have been indulging in on-line media trying to locate my target group.
I have been indulging in weird events- yes, weird, just for the sake of meeting the right people for my research.
I have been indulging in deep thoughts about what exactly I should be asking when I finally carry out my pilot study from tomorrow.
I have been indulging in weirder thoughts of my position as a young researcher, researching young people who are full of passion. Should I let this passion inspire me enough to join them in their exciting ventures, or should I keep my position as a researcher and forego the beauty of opportunities! What will I miss, or rather, what flavour will my thesis lack if I keep a certain position?

I am still indulging. Research.