RQ Series: Poking Your Targets?

Besides having the guts to call your targets, I have become pretty much a poker in this game. This morning when I received the contacts of a great person I wanted to interview for my research, I started wondering if I should make the call just as I was. Of course; no. To start with, how I got the contacts was another poking business- it’s the other story that snowballers never tell. It’s all about who knows who, who might know who, whom I might be dying to get in touch with for my research.
Ever since I joined this career in 2005, I know that you don’t just call professionals; you research on them, get informed about their career background; perhaps get to know about what they have published; what they dislike in their career;  and then make an informed call!
So, I am down with this ‘research’. Getting to use Google Search times like N times, asking friends and work colleagues who might know the person, and even going further to imagine where to meet them, when to meet them, and what to wear- especially, what to wear, because I don’t want to turn up with my shamba pair of shoes on a red carpet!

Isn’t this practically poking into someone’s life ‘professionally in this sense’ just before you can achieve your objective: Conduct the damn awesome interview! I wonder whom I am poking next!