RQ Series: Journey After the Bed Rest

You know you are actually a PHD student, when on returning from a two week bed rest, you are faced with more work than you previously had. Over 400 emails all requiring sorting, deleting, archiving, spamming, regretting, and replying, apologise through most of them.
Then there is the actual everyday tasks of a PHD student: continue doing what other human beings do when they turn up in an office 8 to 5 everyday- work for your employer (in this case it’s my supervisor & host institution).
But of course, there is the reason why you went to on bed rest, and you got to finish that task: go back to that field, reschedule all those cancelled interviews, touch base with your research assistants, and yes, do fieldwork. Move on!
Then the call of your body: how much should I actually do just after a bed rest? A lot? Little? Take short periods of rest in between the day? Work the least, lament the most? Should I be dropping several commitments for the sake of my health or for the sake of my research?

Still, I think I need another bed rest after I have made up my mind!