RQ Series: Going and Coming Back

Every doctoral student will disagree with me, that there is time to hide go, and there is time to come back. I have been in one of those zones the past few months. That could mean several things:-

  1. That a doctoral student takes time off from their research:-
    • Because they need to focus on external things pertaining to their career or social life- which at that stage of their life are much more important (than analyzing data or writing papers)
    • Because they are between a rock and a hard place, and fear sharing with the rest of the world
    • They are on holiday- which is rare!
  2. That a doctoral student goes into that cave where everyone needs to be when writing:- 
    • And they may actually spend the time writing, and the outcome of this hiding will be some conference papers or published articles
    • Or they may come back completely having lost it
    • Perhaps, they might also be stuck with data analysis, or the conceptual framework, which can be a headache!
  3. That a doctoral student has actually switched gears, and prefers not to talk about their life anymore- it becomes that everyday thing you got to do- and you forget that there was an RQ series to share!
  4. That a doctoral students takes time off to go networking!  
I guess this is where I fall- in part of 1 and in 4. I was spotted somewhere, not blogging, but instead networking and focusing on other priorities besides the doctoral research.
At the World Parks Congress, 2014 with CEC colleagues 
But most importantly, they all add up to my career profile- which is moving on steadily. I am yet to take a holiday- but it seems I will look for a cave before I can confidently sign-up for a holiday.