RQ Series: .... Breaking forth a journey of 1000 miles

I just returned from a prolonged holiday from my academic life, and from a prolonged absence from this space. But since I am on a journey, and this seems to be the final 1,000 miles of this academic journey, I promise myself to be more regular with the updates. hence the green light- its time to breakforth.
Being back on the journey of a 1,000 miles, means I have also quit Facebook, so that I can have more time to myself. Instead, I will spend that time talking to people over the phone - or Skype as I did last year (when I recorded an average of 2 skype calls per week all in different countries!). For the last one month, these were my questions and their answers which will be my strength through the remaining 1,000 miles of this journey:

1. What shall you do when you feel so discouraged by those who are supposed to encourage you most? 
You will choose to look at the deep inside of you, because thats where the real courage is hidden. And you shall bring this forth confidently and continue with the journey.

2. What shall you do when you stumble and fall?
You shall rise up, even get someone to hold your hand as you rise up again and wipe off the dust (or the mud if you fell in a pool of muddy water!). You shall pick all those broken pieces of your life, and in a divine alchemy you shall put all of them together to make the whole you, and you shall declare yourself live again. You shall make the first step, the second step, the third, and you shall not stop. Even if you are limping, you shall keep on.
3. What shall you do when all that is good, seems to be so good to believe?
You shall pray, and pray really hard, that God will give you a spirit of discernment to know what is really good for you. And you shall not fear breaking forth new grounds to acquire what is good for you. But you shall do so prayerfully, knowing that He holds it all in His hands - you, and all the good things in our lives.

Therefore, I am rising up again, I am reaching out for my courage, and I am divinely setting my journey towards the good things of my life ahead. I am breaking forth a journey of 1,000 miles.