RQ Series: Returning!

Only those who have written their doctoral thesis will understand where I disappeared to for a few months and abandoned my religious (or not so regular to occasional) blogging. June to early October were months of writing and writing: unfortunately most of what I wrote could not make it to this blog because it has to be assessed by my examiners. Maybe PHD Comics will give you a better idea of what I was actually up to. 
Source: PHD Comics
So here I am again! I will try to blog about the pros and cons of writing a doctoral thesis - especially the jubilations and the whinings. I will not mince my words on sleeping, eating, discipline, writing, writers block, language among many others. The fundamental thing for now is: I am returning to blogging (read to normal life) and so expect to read more after my viva in a few weeks time- and don't dare ask what happens thereafter :)