#Collections: Civilization stories as a pointer to untapped Africa's Ingenuity

Nok terracota. Source: Wikipedia
While reading around the civilization of the African people and the continent, I am amazed by some of the facts on the existence of life and civilization in Africa. For instance, The Nok Culture appeared in Northern Nigeria around 1000 BC and vanished under unknown circumstances around 300 AD in the region of West Africa. According to Wikipedia, the Nok's social system is thought to have been highly advanced. The Nok culture was considered to be one of the earliest African producer of life-sized Terracotta (left). Archeologists in Nigeria have e discovered not just the terracotta, but also iron furnaces and other objects that indicate signs of organized worship. It's such ingenuity of the 'early Africa' that I marvel at and wonder how much more we have lost or gained over the centuries. Looking at the details of the Terracotta, i can't help to imagine that some years BC there were people living on this continent and creative enough to go into details of producing such artefacts. Such records of civilization remind us that, fundamentally, we are far from discovering the true potential for Africa based on her history.