#Find yourself. There is nothing ‘abnormal’ about life

The past decade has taught me that perceptions and attitudes can really influence how my everyday life shapes. Sometimes for the better, getting new wings and flying like an eagle, but also many times, for the worse, assuming abnormality and ‘pause’ conditions of life based on the challenges we (must) face as living beings. However, I have also come to learn that in every stage of life, you will meet someone who inspires you, who reminds you the purpose for which you are alive today, and for that reason, you keep fighting.
Particularly, I remember a wonderful lady I interviewed last year at the Tropentag Conference. What an impact she had on my life just at a time when I was quite unsure of whether I would make to submit my thesis on time, wait for my viva, and eventually resume what I thought then, was 'normal life'. There is nothing 'normal' about life after completing a doctorate because that's actually when you start reading even more, asking more questions, writing more. But even more abnormally, in such precarious economies, it is the time you are in that category of 'educated, unemployed'. You may choose to accept the lie that you might soon become disenfranchised if you don't find something 'useful' to do (which is never the case, just a constant worry), but in reality you are constantly working towards something. You are living. Full life. As one good friend has always reminded, 'the only thing we are certain about in this life, it is the uncertainty of life itself'.
And for that reason, I have purposed to constantly find myself, especially those times I feel lost in the chaos of life. When I have an endless list of ‘To Do’, the only thing I want to constantly choose to do is to, Stop; Find myself; Reconnect with my purpose; Remind myself that I am actually living a full life; and Celebrate life! Because life is a journey…